Basil Nikas is a noted subject matter expert in three diverse fields; Middle East Affairs, Internet based Electronic Commerce and Emergency Preparedness/Homeland Security. Born 1948, in New York City, NY, Nikas graduated High School from the prestigious Browning School for Boys in NYC and continued his education in Switzerland and Greece majoring in History and Political Systems and worked on archeological sites at the Acropolis and Porto Heli. Nikas spent the next 20 years in North Africa and the Middle East managing major multinational power and gas projects for General Electric, Union Carbide, Aerojet General and Bechtel. While in Egypt (1978-1984), as an established leader of US business community of over 100 US companies and 15,000 US expatriates, Nikas realized the need for the creation of an American Chamber of Commerce. In spite of ten years of repeated attempts by his predecessors who fought losing battles with established bureaucracies, Nikas took the issue directly to President Sadat, who by Presidential Decree, authorized Nikas to found the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt, the first American Chamber of Commerce in the Middle East. Nikas was elected its first President. This was the beginning of a deep seated relationship with President Sadat and the Middle East for Nikas. He was intimately involved in the support of the Afghan war against the Soviet Union and traveled extensively through Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and Lebanon during this period. During his overseas tenure, Nikas was also responsible for Contingency Action Planning and Business Continuity for Bechtel operations in Cairo and authored the evacuation and recovery plan for the total expatriate communities not only for Bechtel but for 100 American companies with over 15,000 Americans based in Egypt from 1978-1984. Nikas is a Certified Counter -Terrorist Planner, (CCTP) and has worked with law enforcement agencies domestically and internationally. Upon his return to the US, established CultureSat, a multimedia and video production company. He produced, directed and edited multimedia productions for clients such as Saatchi & Saatchi, the US Olympic Committee, Intel and The Dallas Federal Reserve. Nikas conceived, contracted, promoted and arranged (all Soviet permissions and US logistics)(within 48 hours) for the "Emmy Award" winning performance of the 180 person "Alexandrov Red Army Chorus and Dance Ensemble's" historic conclusion to the prime-time television special, "The Kennedy Center Honors.” During the height of Perestroika, with Bush and Gorbachev in Malta, the Red Army Chorus concluded the “Honors” singing ‘God Bless America” on national TV. With the advent of the Internet, Nikas realized the potential of this new medium and its role in revolutionizing business paradigms. A founding partner and CEO of iNetPurchasing, Nikas concentrated his efforts in creating strategic alliances and fostering the growth of Electronic Commerce in the public sector arena. Nikas gathered a team of top public sector purchasing professionals and Internet/database technologists to develop end-to-end Internet based public purchasing services as the next paradigm in cross agency, co-op purchasing. The iNetPurchasing Team which merged with SicommNet in 2005, became the leading eProcurement service provider to the state and local market serving the states of Texas, Maine, Idaho, Hawaii Michigan and the USMC Logistics Command with over 2,300 vendors and hundreds of thousands of commodity items listed in its master catalog trading partner service. Nikas has served as the ITAA (Information Technology Association of America) Delegate/Board Member on the National Electronic Commerce Coordinating Council (NECCC), and was Chairman of the ITAA State and Local Public Enterprise Electronic Commerce Committee from 1998-2001. In December 2001, Nikas was voted a lifetime status of Ex-Officio Founding Board Member of NECCC. Nikas chaired numerous committees on the NECCC such as the NECCC Privacy 2000 Work Group. He also served as Co-Chair of the NIGP (National Institute of Governmental Purchasing) Supplier Advisory Council. Nikas has spoken extensively throughout the United States on Electronic Procurement, eGovernment, Internet Privacy and Security issues. Nikas co-authored the NECCC "Privacy Policies: Are You Prepared" - a guidebook for state and local governments, prepared the NECCC Bulletin on "The Uniform Electronic Transaction Act (UETA) and House and Senate Bills HR 1714 and S 761", and was a task force member on the NECCC publications "Electronic Commerce: A Blueprint for States" and "E-Government Strategic Planning" and "Enterprise Electronic Government." He wrote the chapter on “eProcurement in State and Local Government” for an all-encompassing “primer on technology for Public Officials” which was distributed to over 5,000 state and local officials under the title “21st Century Government” and was translated and reprinted in Japanese. In response to 9-11, Nikas has been actively involved in state and local emergency preparedness planning, training and response. He brought his years of Middle East expertise and operational/tactical experience in this arena. Reporting directly to the Louisiana State Fire Marshall, during the Katrina recovery, Nikas managed to bring over $11 million in emergency response equipment and supplies from the DHS Prepositioned Equipment Program in convoys from 5 disparate staging areas (UT, NC, VA, NM & NY) and disbursed them throughout New Orleans. Mr. Nikas has been actively involved as a member in the NEMA (National Emergency Managers Association), IAEMA (International Association of Emergency Managers), ASIS (American Society for Industrial Security), is the Logistics Officer for the Montgomery County, Maryland CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) and has been requested to be an evaluator at numerous emergency preparedness exercises across the country. Nikas has been qualified by FEMA in National Incident Management System (NIMS).

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