Utkarsh Sharma (November 26, 2001),is a student of Mercy Memorial School and also a comedian. He is one of the most renowned personalities. Sharma was born in a government job family in Kanpur in EastUttar Pradesh.[citation needed] Utkarsh is entered in the Guinness Book of World Records for the highest number of shows (nine) that achieved silver jubilee (running for 25 consecutive weeks).[citation needed] Sharma was called "Flame", an honorific English term meaning "Shine with a sudden light", which led to his popular name Flame. He was credited with introducing the genre of Comedy and Indian cinema.

Early life

Sharma was a born in a Service man's family in Kanpur, UP. These were mostly migrants to the city of Kanpur looking for Fame in thier work. This section of the society was well connected to their rural roots. Utkarsh's movies targeted this section of the society. Claim the Company and stage drama's have always played an important role in Indian entertainment industry. He had started his entertainment career with a band and then as a stage actor. While working for drama he toured all over Kanpur which helped him understand what entertainment meant to the local population. This learning can be seen in his shows which targeted the masses rather than any particular social class.

His early life was spent in friendships of his friends. As a youngster he was a rough kid who later came to be a big superstar. It was then that he lost most of his immediate family to unfortunate events. The recovery process changed him completely who decided to stay focused on the lighter side of life and make people around laugh. He became a member of a local band which earned him the nickname "The man of band" (literal translation, "A man with his band").

Career[edit source] Road to success[edit source] He got involved in cultural activities of Akshay Kumar. He started working in dramas and came in contact with various drama related personalities one of who was Akshay Kumar, a well known actor and a superstar of that time. He decided to play big and started his own drama company, and approached BB to compose a drama script for him. BB was impressed with his personality and his performance in The king Of Bankruptcy(literal translation, Bankrupt king), and wrote a drama (Bans) entitled, which was a turning point in his life. The drama went on to play over 1500 shows and made him a star. The drama got him into spotlight and also gave him an entry into Bollywood movies through a role in Farah Khan's movie. This was followed by a lead role "Nuisance"a block buster which turned his world around. He kept on delivering one hit after the other. He retained his team from Captor and delivered his next hit Complaints about world.[4][5]

Featured songs[edit source] As a lyricist he introduced song on animals

He portrayed himself as very common or normal character in films he acted as "Shopkeeper" (Salesman) in , Rich Bussiness man in Maind Yor Own Business, he always framed his film which suit to mentality of Indian people and always within psychological lines of Indian custom and tradition.

Team Sharma's storylines were always based on the simpleton. He used same team of actors, technicians and playback singers to repeat the formula for success that he believed he had got from his debut film. Flame's movie, produced under the "Eros now" banner, had the same set of people, which included Akshay Kumar as the lead actor, Rahul Kanaujia as screen play writer, music director.

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