The Sticking Point Solution is the 2nd book written by Jay Abraham and published by a division of Perseus Books Group - the Vanguard Press in 2009. Abraham defines the sticking point solution as ways to help businesses who are stuck become unstuck. He states his purpose as wanting to help businesses achieve growth in tough economic times and avoid stalling and becoming stagnant. In the book he uncovers why some businesses grow marginally in a good economy and then go on to desperately suffer in a bad economy. The consistent theme throughout the book is what makes one’ s business “stuck”. It came at the right time as 2008 was the year of The Great Recession where many businesses began to suffer the effects of a down economy. In this book Jay brings to light some hidden assets and missed opportunity as well as how to survive and even benefit from a down economy. He examines the 9 "sticking points" [cite], which are the 9 different things that are common reasons that businesses stay sedentary and stagnant. Integrated with real live examples as well as simple solutions that businesses can implement immediately the sticking point solution is often thought of a businesses owners guide to surviving and thriving in a bad economy {cite}


  • Is Your Business Stuck?
  • Are You Stuck Losing Out to the Competition?
  • Are you Stuck Not Selling Enough?
  • Are You Stuck with Erratic Business Volume?
  • Are you Stuck Failing to Strategize?
  • Are you Stuck with Costs Eating up Al your profits
  • Are you stuck still doing what’s not working?
  • Ae you Stuck Being Marginalized by the Marketplace?
  • Are you Stuck with Mediocre Marketing?
  • Are You Stuck Still Saying “I Can Do it Myself:
  • How to Get Going and Growing in a Crisis
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