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Stephen Cyril Gerome Grushetsky II (Стівен Кирило Степанович Грушецький), born February 2, 1993 as product of Catfish Biff's Pizza and Subs ©1983 and the 1991 Pittsburg Penguins, is a notable darts champion in the Columbus, Ohio area, specializing in boards and tournaments surrounding the Ohio State University campus area, and a survivor of many explosions. He is also known to have displayed considerable talent in the field of golf while teeing off with an 8 iron. Stephen is the son of Stephen Cyril Grushetsky (b.1967), a member of the Ohio State Class of 1991, and April Lynn Simon (b. 1970), Class of 1992. He attended the Lyndhurst Co-Op Nursery School of Lyndhurst, Ohio, graduating first in his class in 1997. He then moved on to St. Gregory the Great School, a Blue Ribbon School, to graduate in 2007 as a member of the student advisory board, having performed 2 tertiary roles in the school's productions of Bye Bye Birdie and Annie Get Your Gun during the 2005 and 2006 school years respectively, while also playing center and left guard and nose guard for the 2006 East Side Champion St. Gregory the Great Jaguars. During his years in grade school, Stephen developed a love of astronomy and space exploration, as well as an interest in the U.S. judiciary system. Stephen moved on to Benedictine High School of Cleveland, Ohio, to graduate in 2011. During his years at Benedictine, Stephen studied Latin, History and English, and achieve the New Employee of the Month award at Dave's Market in 2009. He is known to be the only participant in Benedictine's Street Law class to achieve a seat in Street Law II, and achieved astounding regard among his peers, thus earning him the title of Prom King in 2011. In the summer of 2011 he made a pilgrimage in honor of Poseidon to the Santa Monica pier in a 1980 Plymouth Volare, previously blessed my Fr. Michael Brunovsky, OSB of St. Andrew's Abbey in Cleveland, Ohio. This blessing purportedly pulled through, as the Plymouth returned its crew to Stephen's hometown of Lyndhurst, Ohio. Stephen's greatest moment of strife amongst this overwhelming success surrounded an application deferral which led to his enrollment at the Mansfield Campus of Ohio State, during which time a conflict arose with a psychopathic roommate, forcing Stephen to befriend various rodents and urinate in gallon milk jugs in his pantry in order to escape the torments of said roommate. This period was not a complete tragedy, however, as Stephen was able to develop his signature drink, "the Mansfield", consisting of Canadian Club Whisky and an ample amount of tears. Upon his arrival at Ohio State, he returned to his roots making pizza and working the counter at Catfish Biff's. As a legacy member of the Delta Chi Fraternity from October 2012, Stephen has involved himself in a widespread and devoted effort to consume record amounts Hamm's Beer, Old Milwaukee Beer, Blatz Beer and Genesee Beer in protest of Anheuser Busch's involvement in U.S. brewing. Stephen nearly lost the right side of his body in an accident related to a communist firework. Stephen was awarded "Best Pledge" by his Rat Master, Christopher Bullock, '14, and has since been awarded "Brother of the Week" once and "Boob of the Week" thrice. He achieved the "House Improvement" award in the spring of 2014. Stephen reached the tender age of 21 at Mamma's Pasta and Brew. One of his most notable achievements since occurred at the 4th Street Bar and Grill in Columbus, at which Stephen single-handedly brought his team, the Crop Dusters, to a Trivia Night victory due to extraordinary expertise in the history of sideburns and, conveniently, the history of manned spaceflight. This triumph by Grushetsky earned his team a $10 gift certificate to the 4th Street Bar, thus beginning a series of victories in pub games that the area has watched in awe over the past two years, with many anticipating Grushetsky's advancement to national levels of competition. Other notable achievements include a dual championship victory at the Our-R-Inn in cricket, smoking 10 cigarettes at a booth in the Library Bar, and suffering 7 consecutive losses in Sink the Bismark at the Bier Stube.

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