Paula "Pipa" Tooths (Sao Paulo, January 31) worked within the broadcasting industry starting in the late 1990’s. She has a Degree in IT and gained experience as an Executive Secretary and Personal Assistant whilst studying Law at University

Paula, known as Pipa to her friends, attended drama school in her younger days and enjoys trying different things in life. She continues to pursue her interest in writing.

During the 1990’s, Paula was happy working in finance as an Executive Secretary for BM&FBovespa. An Opportunity arose within the TV industry in Sao Paulo. Following an interview, Paula decided to join Grupo Bandeirantes, and has worked within all departments to gain experience and knowledge.

Paula traveled to Australia to further study English and Media, where she continued her career as a correspondent.

On returning to Brazil, Paula took a role as ‘Journalism, Production and Operations Budget Coordinator’ and was in part, responsible for the creation of two new channels ‘Bandsports’ and ‘Bandnews’.

On completion, Paula moved back to London to study Homeopathy and with her degree, is now a registered practitioner in modern homeopathic medicine. During this time she worked for the Marie Claire Group through an Agency.[1]

Paula was a columnist for 'A Hora', a Brazilian newspaper where she used to have a weekly column called 'Era uma Vez' (Once Upon a Time) and updated frequent blogs, but in particular, editing sports for 'Mandando pra Rede' was her first experience of blogging.[2][3][4]

Paula gave birth in 2010, to a premature baby and took time off from work to care for her Child.

Paula is now working again, producing and researching football interests. She is an independent journalist with news centers in London and Europe.[5]

In Europe, the belief is that Miss Tooths is the Brazilian woman more iterated with Premier League information.[6][7]

Her absolute passions in life are Music, Literature and Football - as she often says not necessarily in this order.[8][9]

As she says on her Twitter profile: "I'm Pipa. Producer, Journalist, Writer, Mother, Music & Sports Lover! A cyber spy! news, views and everything to confuse you on a daily basis..." [10]


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