Early Childhood

Jeremy Wayne Taylor was born in Louisville, KY in 1974, the third child of four. His childhood began in New Albany, Indiana. He has two brothers and one sister. He lived in New Albany until he was the age of five, before he moved to Salem, Indiana. His mom his my primary caregiver, but he also learned a lot from his older brother and sister.

Elementary and Secondary Education

Jeremy did well in grade school academically. Making friends was also not a struggle. At home, in the country, he spent time riding bikes with his brother, listening to music with his older sister, and teaching his younger brother everything he knew. He also enjoyed reading, writing and drawing at an early age.

Right after beginning middle school, his family moved into town. He met my future wife in the eighth grade. She was the sister of a good friend of his. Their relationship, playing football and writing songs with friends quickly carried Jeremy through the end of high school.

College Education

Slated to play football and study engineering at the " University of Evansville, Jeremy's high-school sweetheart and he both went to Evansville, Indiana to pursue their dreams. Jeremy quickly realized that football was a lot more to do with the friends that he played with and Jeremy decided it wasn’t as important any more. The engineering program also appeared too rigid for his taste. He quit football and changed his major to writing in the first semester of college.

Jeremy Wayne Taylor spent as much time writing and recording on his multi-track recorder as he did on my schoolwork. There was still plenty of time to spend with his girlfriend and new friends from the university.

The last year of college was the most exciting while studying abroad at Harlaxton University, a sister campus of the University of Evansville. Not only did Jeremy get to visit different countries and experience different cultures, he married his high-school sweetheart, April Purlee in Grantham, England.

After returning to the States, Jeremy and April were able to live together in married housing as they finished their last semester of school. Even though it wasn’t really their place, it was the first time they lived together. It did not affect their studies and they both graduated in four years in May 1996.

Beginning Career

Just a few months later, Jeremy's wife got a full-time job in Evansville as a Nurse and they got our first real place. It was a small, one-bedroom duplex. There was also a basement and Jeremy was able to have his own music room for jamming with friends and recording. He spent a lot of time down there.

Jeremy Wayne Taylor worked a few part-time jobs before he obtained his first full-time job relating to his English degree. It was as a copyeditor and proofreader for a national magazine called Media Bypass. Even though Jeremy enjoyed my job, he quickly discovered that he was interested in the graphics aspect the magazine. With the help of tutorials and a mentor, Jeremy became self taught at QuarkXpress, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Along with copyediting, he became responsible for the layout of the magazine and his graphics arts career began.

Starting a Family

Jeremy and April purchased their first home in Evansville, Indiana. It was a one-and-half story bungalow with three bedrooms. They were now middle-class Americans and were ready to take the next step in their lives, raising a family.

Jeremy's first child, Isaac, was born in 1999, followed closely by his daughter Rachel, in 2000. During the same timeframe, the printing company Jeremy was with decided to downsize and combine his position with another position. He was happy to be able to be with my two children, but he was unable to afford our house. While looking for another job, Jeremy noticed that there were a lot of opportunities in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was especially rich in nursing jobs, which was his wife’s profession. After some deliberation, He was able to convince her to move.


Jeremy's wife immediately obtained a lucrative job at a major hospital. It took Jeremy a few months, but he found a great pre-press job for a small, family-owned printing company. He was originally responsible for typesetting, but was offered a management position in the graphics department shortly after starting. He was awarded a lot of responsibility and enjoyed the challenge. His career in graphics was solidified.

With his finances stabilized, it was time to buy another house. Jeremy found a 4-bedroom tri-level with an acre of land that resided in a great school district in Greenwood, Indiana and moved there in 2002. It was just in time because his last child was about to be born. In 2004, his daughter Ella was born and his family was complete.

Before Jeremy knew it, all three children were in school and his wife and he both decided to return to school ourselves. April returned for a Master’s and Jeremy for a second Bachelor’s, this one in Science. Her choice was professionally driven and Jeremy's was out of necessity. After facing another downsizing event, Jeremy realized that pure pre-press jobs were sparse.

Jeremy Wayne Taylor researched graphics arts careers and decided on website design and development. In 2007, he started his education at the University of Phoenix online. There were a few stopping points as he returned to work to help support my family. Jeremy eventually decided to commit to finishing his degree and began working as a freelance artist from home. This was exciting and skill enhancing, but not very lucrative. Immediately after finishing my degree, Jeremy returned to work full time.


Jeremy Wayne Taylor is a graphics artist for Motionwear, an apparel company, doing a lot of photo editing and catalog production. To keep my coding skills fresh in his mind, he maintains a few freelance clients. His goal is to find a job that utilizes his combined knowledge of graphics and coding. He is also considering a return to academics in order to achieve a Master’s degree.

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