Hubhopper is a personalised social news magazine available on the web, android and iOS.

It gives you a daily dose of your interests in an ephemeral feed. The categories include health & fitness, travel, food, fashion, work and business, world, bollywood, culture, humour, love & sex, movies & tv, music, student life, women talk and city life.

The content appears as bite-sized summaries aggregated from multiple verified sources that disappears in 10 seconds.

In addition to the feed, users can also search for other users and follow their activities.

Hubhopper was founded in 2015 by Gautam Raj Anand.


Hubhopper launched it’s beta product in December, 2015 as a website and android app.

It’s initial concept was a community based social network that gives users complete control over their feed in real time with the help of a remote, that ensure maximum relevance.

After intensive user testing and feedback, they decided to pivot to a new model where the content on the platform is curated in-house with their original core concept of ‘users having full control over their feed’ still as their mission.

The new product launched in August, 2016.



Appears as side panel that allows you to tune and edit your interests.


Content appears in the form of cards, that contain doses in the form of summarised articles in 60 words, images and videos.

The doses are ephemeral in nature and vanish in 10 seconds unless you tap it.


Users can use this features as bookmarks or create categorised lists of the content.

Love Meter

A unique tool that allows a user to convey exactly how much they love a dose.

Board of Advisers

Devraj Sanyal (Chairman of the Board) - M.D, Universal Music- South Asia

Sanjeev Lamba - CEO, Reliance Entertainment

Jaideep Krishna - MD, AARK Global Ltd.

Raman Roy - CEO, Quatrro

Sharat Anand - CEO, Parijat Industries.


Hubhopper has raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding in December, 2015 and is in talks to raise


Hubhopper has consistently tied up with influencers and brands for cross-promotional campaigns in the form of contents hosted on it’s platform; such as Shraddha Sharma, Monica Dogra, Teach For India, Redwolf & others.


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