Hook It Up (song) "Hook It Up", is set to be the 2nd single of Vanessa Hudgens sophomore album Identified. It will release on late August or early September, before the promotion of her upcoming movie High School Musical 3

Song Reviews

On Vanessa's Identified, when it comes to "Hook It Up" Music Critics gave it Good Reviews, and Bad Review. Dan LeRoy from said "Hook It Up"; overall catchy enough to ensure it'll survive a summer in heavy rotation before being discarded. The New York Times said Hook It Up,” is one of the year’s most effervescent pop songs, it’s feisty, aggressive and thrusting, a club-oriented construction that owes debts to Fergie and to cheerleading routines. called "Hook it Up" a breathy sexy number where Hudgens isn't afraid to forsake squeaky clean and sterile polished pop songs in favor of sassy, dirty girl romping in a mini-skirt and heels underneath that strobe light in a packed club.

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