"Havlicek Stole The Ball!" was one of the most famous NBA plays of all time.  

Johnny Most called the famous play during the 1965 Eastern Division championship.

How It Happened

In Game 7,the Celtics were leading the Philadelphia 76ers 110-109 with 5 seconds left.The Celtics just had to pass it in,and the game was over.Bill Russell's inbound pass hit an overhead wire,giving the 76ers one last chance at victory.Hal Greer was to inbound the ball for the 76ers,but John Havlicek tipped the ball to Celtics teammate Sam Jones,sealing the victory for the C's.Earl Strom,who was a referee in the game,called it one of the best plays he'd ever seen. Havlicek and the Celtics went on to win the NBA title,and the next 4 after that.


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