"Going Home" is a documentary directed by Jason Hoffmann and produced by Mikyung Kim. 21 year old Korean adoptee, Jason Hoffmann, was raised Jewish in New York City. This documentary about culture, family, and identity exposes the challenges and triumphs of locating Jason's roots and birth family in Korea. As a child, Jason barely expressed any interest in his Korean heritage. But as he grew into a young adult, he became more curious. Jason summons up the courage to initiate contact with his birth mother, and without knowing whether face-to-cae meetings are even possible, he takes a chance and travels to Seoul. Jason can only hope to meet his birth mother, father and 23 year-old sister. Documents from his adoption agency state that neither his father nor his sister knows that he exists. Along with the documentary's producer/his girlfriend, Jason undertakes a life-changeing journey in a foreign culture full of uncertainties and surprises, to discover the meaning of family.

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