"Frankentweety is a 1998 comic in the collection of comics-Looney Tunes#44.


Deep in the dark bowels of a mad scientist's creepy "lab-o-ratory," Sylvester is about to flip the switch to give "Hubie" of Hubie and Bertie and "Marc Anthony" of Marc Anthony and Pussyfoot a personality transplant! It works, because it has always worked. It worked with Bugs and Elmer, and with Taz and "Sufferin' Succotash." But the mad scientist wants more and sends Sylvester to find a brain. On his quest, he meets up with Tweety, who feels flattered that Sylvester wants him for his brain, so he doesn't run. Once they arrive, Sylvester is about to flip the switch and it's alive-It's Frankentweety! Sylvester runs away from Frankentweety who wants to play! Sylvester screws off his head, but Frankentweety finds a wrench and puts it back on. Sylvester hides under a lampshade, but when Frankentweety plugs it in, Sylvester is electrocuted. When Sylvester awakens, he finds he is standing next to Frankentweety, and the mad scientist has made him the bride of Franktweety! Sylvester tries to run, but Frankentweety won't let go of his hand so Sylvester tears off his arm and runs away. "That's Arm, Folks."

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