"Falcon" special purpose group - was founded in 1995, the Internal Troops of the battalion. So far, dozens of soldiers and officers of the Battalion anti-terrorist operations, fight against armed criminals, carrying out search operations in different circumstances, and proved himself to others. 2006–2007 in the Russian military bases from Georgia carried the levels; battalion of soldiers have saved this territory.

The platoons national mentality, Turkish bellicosity and patriotism united.

Of Internal Troops detachments of special forces soldiers who served in the initial screening, testing, inspection, observation, and conversations are elected through the stage. The first stage is carried out by a special commission. This Commission Staff, personnel, includes medical and special units officers. During the interviews, each candidate in order to come to its service, patriotic feelings, the events happening in the country, their parents, their attitude of service, military or civilian education, marital status, profession and future plans, interests, and how to spend their leisure time, interest in the sport, health status, and other diseases. studied. After that, the candidate is asked questions about the service. In the second stage, the selected candidate is examined physical and psychological qualities. 7 These qualities are produced on the test, scored high points shall be awarded. In the second phase, the candidate is considered to tolerance, tolerance checked the power and qualities of power, speed, quality, flexibility, speed and courage during kruslar qiymətləndirilirBunun organized on the basis of the " Red Beret " in making clothes. According to the battalion field training, building, forest and mountain conditions are important for the clearance of armed criminals. They will learn the types of martial arts. At the same time, the teachings of the night, night-time opportunities are reviewed regularly to take account of different circumstances. Xtd-known names of the soldiers and officers, they are in Turkey, the U.S., Hungary, Germany, Ukraine, China and other countries attended the training gaining experience. Here are some special purpose operations determined in accordance with the supply of weapons. Weapons and armies of NATO countries, according to the latest edition of the applicable techniques are used. Special Forces combat shooter set in the cold arms of different brands, most modern body armor, a mountain climber, etc. for Operations. included. In terms of building operations, they are relatively lightweight, low caliber weapons and bullets are used to protect sipərlərdən. According to them "special təyinatlardadır true service to the Motherland".

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