Chris and The Dickens are a 6-piece skaband from Vanceburg,Kentucky. Thier humble begginings were as a punkband, formed in 2005, they strived to seperate themselves from Emo bands that were blurring the lines between Emo(which they disapproved) and Punk. As a Punk band they grew a Dynamic hometown status. In 2006, after a flurry of shows in thier own local highschool, they invited regional ska bands SofaPunch! and Brian's Moving Out, the members had been ska fans previously, and admired the work of the cincinnati ska scene. After the consecutive shows with out-of-town bands, Chris and The Dickens were invited to shows in the midst of the Cincinnati Ska Scene. Early in 2007, they transformed into a ska band,preferably 3rd or 4th wave. The band attracted attention and soon played Ska Stock 2007, from there they grew connections to many bands from all over the Kentucky-Indiana-Ohio Scene. Most of the members graduated Highschool in 2007, leaving home consistant time to practice, nevertheless Chris and the Dickens put out thier first ska album, Working on Existing. Their sucess is climbing, as they gain fan base from around the world, becoming a true testament to DIY ethics and the abilities of and the rest of the Internet. The hieght of thier careers was opening for The Toaster on 2/13/08. They now look for show outside of thier usual venues, playing shows in Louisville, Florence, and Lexington.


  • Christopher Breeze-Trombone
  • Alex McGlone-Bass
  • Shannon Vetter-Tenor Saxophone
  • Korey Swearingen-Vocals
  • Brock O'Cull-Drums
  • Melvin Burchett-Lead Guitar

Former members include:

  • Ryan Grooms
  • Tyler Sexton
  • William Johnson
  • Logan Gallenstien
  • Tyler Maines


  • Alex is on Fire 2005
  • Panic at the Polka Party 2006
  • Working on Existing 2007



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