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Charley Jay born 25/10/1997 is a singer, songwriter and performer from Suffolk. She began to create and perform music in 2011 after being diagnosed with an illness that would mean her taking prescription drugs for the rest of her life. Prior to the illness Charley was an elite gymnast training many hours a week but as the illness took hold her ability to train was diminished. Filled with the void that no longer competing in Gymnastics created, Charley began to teach herself how to play the Uke and then the guitar. Songwriting has given her an outlet to talk about the feelings associated with her illness as well as create some amazing music and covers. She has delighted audiences from South to North of the UK with her performances. In January 2013 her first serious single hit iTunes called "What I see"

2013 has also seen her appear at Festivals, recording in the Studio and even collaborating on a dance track with HeavyRain Records and currently collaborating with the S.W.A.T.Team with DJ Chozen and the choir from Uganda.

This girl will have a very exciting future. She just doesn't realize it yet.

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Charley Jay's first album was released to the world on 15 February 2014 Called 16 and Healing the lyrics take you through her journey of illness and out the other side. Beautiful lyrics and melodies from a beautiful soul. Charley's debut album