Jovan Nuñez (born November 16, 1997 in Queens, NY) better known by his stage name $u$pect Jay is an ethnic Dominican rapper. In June 2013 he released his debut mixtape Old, New York featuring members from his rap group E.Y.W (Exercise Your Wisdom). $u$pect Jay is currently releasing new music and working on his upcoming mixtape which has yet to be titled.


$u$pect Jay is originally from Corona, a neighborhood of Queens in New York City raised with one older sibling. At the age of seven $u$pect and his family moved to Jamaica, Queens in search of better living standards. Jovan developed an interest in Hip-Hop at an early age, but didn't start recording his own songs until his freshman year of high school after being inspired by the movie, Notorious. Jovan's elementary school friend, Richard Gomez better known as, Richie Lo introduced him to a group of kids from the neighborhood who shared the same passion of rapping, who then went on to form the collective rap group, E.Y.W (Exercise Your Wisdom). The group currently consists of six artists, $u$pect Jay, Moronsolo, Richie Lo, YawnYell, Adonis and Chris Moronta. $u$pect Jay released his first music video ILLegal ft. Adonis which was used to promote his debut mixtape Old, New York which released on June 16, 2013. $u$pect Jay states that Brooklyn rapper, Joey Bada$$ and Compoton rapper Kendrick Lamar has been his biggest influences on his music along with other artists who he enjoys listening to such as, Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G, Eminem, Wu-tang Clan, Nas and many more. E.Y.W continues to release new music and are said to have a group mixtape in the works with a date that is still to be determined.


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