== $ound$mith, DJ Sufyan, DJ Sufy ==

Sufyan Islam, born 12 November 1987), known as $ound$mith (pron.: /Sound-Smith/ Sound Smith ), is an Indian DJ, Producer of electronic dance music. He is best known for his work as DJ $ound$mith. On his latest productions, however, he has dropped the "DJ" label and is now known simply as "$ound$mith", Name Given by his Childhood friends.

Life and musical career

Sufyan Islam was born in India, Mumbai on November 12, 1987. His first job as a DJ was at Club Shamrock, a Dance club in Mumbai, where he was able to fine-tune his own style by playing for Dance maniacs on weekends. In the beginning of his career, as a DJ he played mostly Dub-Step and House music but apart from this he also play chill-step, trip-hop, Hip-hop, Bollywood Commercial mixes ETC. $ound$mith has played with a list of famous DJ's Like DeeJay Sam, Psyraxxx, DJ ACE and DJ Bosco Deely in metro city of Mumbai.

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